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  • Soft Multi Segment Trout Bait

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    Soft Multi Segment Trout Bait

    The 7.5"soft trout lure is with soft surface ,hard hollow structure inside.Sinking type. It is suitable for both fresh water fishing and salt water fishing.Read More

  • PVC Plastic Mackerel Bait

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    PVC Plastic Mackerel Bait

    1.Attractive bright color for fish 2.Wonderful swim action 3.Good emulation Mackerel lure details:rade terms:Our Promise:We are a manufacturer and exporter founded in 2006 specializing in fishing lures.Read More

  • Lead Fishing Lure

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    Lead Fishing Lure

    We are a manufacturing Guangzhou city, China. We have 15 years experience in fishing tackle field. Our mission is offering Seven Star service and best value products for all clients.Read More

  • Lead Jig Head

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    Lead Jig Head

    Fishing jig, as a type of fishing lure, is a molded weighted hook with a lead head opposite the sharp tip. They are often covered with a minnow of craw fish or even a plastic worm to get the fish's attention. The operator has to move the rod to get the jig to move.Read More

  • Blade Fishing Lure

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    Blade Fishing Lure

    As manufacturer, Esfishing can support OEM service. We can design new lures and new molds. We can make molds according to samples or detailed requirements. We can desgin and customize the package. We can support logistics service to destination.Read More

  • Plastic Mackerel Lure

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    Plastic Mackerel Lure

    This newly designed mackerel is fantastic for giant tuna and marlin. The amazing part is that the lure body is hollow, which can hold real fish inside. This design highly improves the opportunity to land the fish as no artificial smell can beat the strong natural...Read More

  • Sea Crank Bait

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    Sea Crank Bait

    Just like our other fishing lures, the crank series lures offers complete versatility in a crank bait. Designed with different sizes and lips, our crank lures can meet all the requirements from different anglers. The baits has high buoyancy and can back out of cover...Read More

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