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Soft trout Bait factory

  • PVC Plastic Mackerel Bait

    Contact NowPVC Plastic Mackerel Bait1.Attractive bright color for fish 2.Wonderful swim action 3.Good emulation Mackerel lure details:rade terms:Our Promise:We are a manufacturer and exporter founded in 2006 specializing in fishing lures.Read More

  • Two Section Glide Swim Bait

    Contact NowTwo Section Glide Swim BaitThe two section glide swimbait or say single joint glide lure is a perfect swimbait with S curve action. The angle of S curve is more obvious than Obese Joint Hunter. This is a good lure for Pike, Muskie, Big Mouse Bass and other predators.Read More

  • Soft Multi Segment Trout Bait

    Contact NowSoft Multi Segment Trout BaitThe 7.5"soft trout lure is with soft surface ,hard hollow structure inside.Sinking type. It is suitable for both fresh water fishing and salt water fishing.Read More

  • Soft Rubber Vibration Fish Baits

    Contact NowSoft Rubber Vibration Fish BaitsThe lures are made by super elastic extensible materials, which can be pull long to 60cm without broken. 3 inch, 5 inch, 7 inch, 9 inch available.Read More

  • Six Section 3.5 Inch Soft Tail Sun Fish Lure

    Contact NowSix Section 3.5 Inch Soft Tail Sun Fish LureSolid structure, Dyneema ribbon connection. The wings and fins can add flavor(smell) We are bass pro tackle's supplier in china, and this lure is a our fantastic new lure in 2016.Read More

  • Plastic Popper Fishing Bait

    Contact NowPlastic Popper Fishing BaitThe Popper series lures are new bait from Foophoon. All the Poppers allow bass fishermen to present an ultra realistic fish in a more aggressive popping presentation. The completely weedless design allows the bait to gurgle and pop effortlessly over and around weed beds, lily pads, limbs, and...Read More

  • Soft Ray Frog Fishing Lures

    Contact NowSoft Ray Frog Fishing LuresThe Soft ray frog lures are sure to gain a hot following not only from the fishes from lake and sea but also fishing anglers. These frogs are available in floating top-water.Read More

  • Eight Section Trout Lure

    Contact NowEight Section Trout LureWarning: This product is made for fishing. Don't ingest. Keep out of reach of children.Our vivid Eight section trout fishing lure is new product this year and we are sure that they will be the best seller.Read More