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Types Of Fishing Vessel

1.the reel spinning models, is also one of the most used in the market. This reel particularly simple, easy to learn and easy to reel spinning models are mainly used for rivers, lakes, reservoirs and other natural waters of freshwater and marine fish. There are a variety of models, minimal compact wheel can usually be wound for 20 to 50 metres, using 1.8-2.4 distribution of parabolic rods, mainly fish individuals in less than 5 kilograms of fish. Medium model of reel winding 80 to 120 metres, equipped with 2.4-3.6 m parabolic rod, can withstand the pull of 5-10 kg. More large wheel storage line, usually between 120-270 meters, with 4.5 m or more of heavy cast rod, can handle up to 10-30 kg of fish, fishing and beach fishing.
2.drum-type fishing vessel: drum-type wheel for short. Usually by the cable channel, turn the cradle arm, side plates, round feet, balance weight parts. Mainly used to assemble large parabolic rod in deep sea fishing, beach fishing and fishing. Specifications than the whole, large, medium and small, round body with open, half-stops, stop-and-wait three control switches.