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Selection Of Summer Fishing For Carp Fishing Spots

1. where there is water temperature suitable for carp lives. CARP live suitable for the water temperature is 18-25. If the temperature is high, high water temperature, fishing for carp can choose depth of reservoirs, rivers, lakes, or ditch, pond, Canal, dam, at a depth of 4-6 meters under the hook. 
2. water containing oxygen in place. Summer aquatic algae to thrive, and transparency in water lower water temperature, dissolved oxygen decrease, together with clouds, air pressure and other reasons, to consider when you choose to fish for carp, water should not be too deep, exiting and entering the water catchment areas of fishing for carp; waves and currents tend to be good time to fish for carp, great place. "Summer fish for two", "three times a day, morning and evening slide", that is, sooner or later ends the summer good fishing carp, Yi fishing near the shore in the evening in the morning.
3. the CARP bait more places. Small shrimp in water are carp likes food. Shrimp are not resistant to low oxygen, regular activities in the sand mass underwater, after dawn, in a retreat into the deep water. Similar to the laws of shrimp and carp, crucian carp fishing activities that could watch shrimp. There is living water flows, is frequented by fish. All upstream sediment in lakes or reservoirs, water flow will be large shallows of sand located in the inlet. In this area a piece of grass is not long in the water, not the ideal place for fishing for carp.