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Reservoir Fishing For Carp In Summer Attention

1, pay attention to the weather. Most animals do not like high temperatures, so the reservoir fishing for carp to avoid high temperatures in the summer and low air pressure weather, because the oxygen content in the water is low, carp up more to breathe, rather than for eating.
2, pay attention to the water level. The phrase "rising fish shrimp in water", which is used to describe fish location water level different times. Reservoirs often flooded in summer, water levels will fluctuate, so the CARP hideouts will change as the water level fell, swam to the deepest place.
3, catch a bit of attention. Summer reservoir fishing for carp is not easy to find a place to sit down on the line, you need to select a good catch. CARP gather fish faster and more, the fishing is good, otherwise is bad.