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Remaining Food Fermentation Using, Fishing Better

Why slightly fermented old lures plus the new bait in the fish can cause a fast, excellent fish attracting effect? There are three possible causes:
1, first of all because the "old bait" was actually fishing for fish bait of choice blend, it passes through a little fermentation, is to combine the mixture of various feeds and then, if the original feed is a mixture of physical deployment of, then, after fermentation is mixing these effects further compounds (Chemistry). Featured hybrid deployment of several baits, and further compound (chemical reactions), both aroma and taste, in one continuous line, added a similar aroma and a sweet taste.
2, it is evident that, slightly fermented bait, bait preparation in the aroma, taste, based on fermenting a new similar fragrance and sweetness. But this is not an ordinary white wine aroma and honey sweetness. But the scent from the preparation of food produced on the basis of similar aroma and sweet scent (slightly fermented old bait lure fish work wonders are here). Original is a fishy feed made from slightly fermented emit fishy smell taste and flavor, sweet taste. Preparation of scent type bait, a little after fermentation it is emitting a fragrant taste and fragrance and sweet (and honey to the wine provision is very different). Particular bait left in the fermentation process produces the equivalent of free amino acids in "fresh" flavor, mixed into a fresh bait like "monosodium glutamate".