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Nest Of Wild Fishing Select Fishing Tips

1) Wo
Is very simple, to find good fishing spots, fishing spots you sow your nest, to gather fish fish results. This Wo method works well no flowing water reservoir, pond, fish pond, black pit, most anglers are using this method of Wo Zi.
2) playing Wo
Is refers to can free activities of Wo Zi, like took mineral water bottle in loaded Shang Wo material, four circle tied Shang a slipped eye with thin tied good voted to dens in, or took gauze package live Wo material, with rope Department Shang voted to dens in, purpose is let Wo material slowly release, makes fish son eat of to but is is not fun so won't go, produced poly fish left fish of effect. Last fishing trip to the nest of the fish, bring nest material, again somewhere else, saving and environmental protection. Such activities where Wo is more suitable for a river, for example the river stream.

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