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Gear Maintenance Four Steps

1. is the right wheels on the line without the pipeline label Cup where without online Cup tie following on top of the pipeline. Only if the wound in the clockwise or counterclockwise direction. If you take the spinning wheel, seen from above the spool, you'll find that if you go to shake, wound in a clockwise rotation. So when you open the bobbin winders, line is counterclockwise. On line also should be counterclockwise.
2. spray some designer lines on a piece of cloth, and then with a cloth wrap fishing line. Then put on the line to the spool, so that fishing line is softer, and erase the lines in the production process remains similar wax impurities. If you want to save money, buy a can of silicone oil is the same.
3. never put on the spool is too full. I mean, don't do it, it will cause a lot of trouble. If the line is too full, the cast when thread easily out, and that's the problem. Spool about half a cm of depth to be reserved.
4. When you throw the bait, bait into the water, not by turning handle to close the wound. Closed with the hand, confirmation fishing line has been stuck in the wires, then consider taking. If the direct handle to close the wound, when each cast, are likely to cause lines of a circle. After several times, there may be volumes. It will have to spend precious fishing time to solve.