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Gear Maintenance

1, cleaning tool: towels three (one for dry/wet, towel), sand (pharmacy sale), toothbrushes, alcohol, scissors, hair dryer, 1.5 m, 4th line, 10Cm fine wire 1, toilet paper, car wax (spray bottle 10/2 years);
2, remove the rod, before and after removing the plug, with a toothbrush in tap water rushed in the front side brush, clean, dry towel to dry, then Pack toilet paper absorb water;
3, followed by the fish, and remove the shower head in the bathroom, Rod diameter end of each section (rough side) on the tight inner wall of the shower to wash, wash is finished, find an empty place, shake this residual water stain;
4, with a wet towel to wipe each section of the outer wall, local stains available toilet paper and alcohol cleaning, then wipe dry with a dry towel;
5, clean up the inner wall: fasten one end of wire intercepts fish line and the other end to tie medical gauze (how much yarn you intercept length based on aperture size after folding in the ends);
6, the wire end from the trail-side into the first diameter end (small end), the line leads, slowly with medical gauze pull from the wall; dried water stains on the inside wall, (Note yarn thickness must not exceed size or dilemma, be sure to fasten);