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Fishing For Carp Bait Manufacturers Share The Spring 3 Tips

How to fish for carp, always catching big, and catch a lot, but to no avail. This is not a question of luck, but a question of technique of fishing. This bait manufacturer-Dongguan star fishing companies to share with you 3 Tips for spring fishing for carp.
1. Select the catch a bit
Late spring night fishing carp should be looking for depth of areas, is the depth of 1-2 metres. This is because the late spring morning and water temperatures vary greatly, but the water is deep enough, then the water temperature is relatively stable. In addition, the water depth to aquatic plants, such as grasses, reeds growing, while carp is like hiding in these places. Bait manufacturer-Dongguan star fishing tackle companies believe that many fishing enthusiasts will have skills in this area.
2. Select fish
Spring temperature is not too high, the fish activity is not active, especially big fish, so fishing in the spring, or to catch small fish, and catch some big fish better, of course.