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Analysis On How To Better Use The Bait

1,the bait will change as the fish. Fish can be classified as carnivorous, herbivorous and omnivorous. Ophiocephalus Argus Cantor, belonging to a carnivorous fish such as catfish and bream carp and herbivorous fish species of the genus; carp, crucian carp are omnivorous fish. Therefore, we want to know how to use bait should be changed with the fish, which can strengthen the pertinence of using bait, bait on the road, that there must be harvested.
2,the bait to change over time. Seasonal changes of season, to fish for consumption is also to have a greater impact. Suffering some omnivorous fish through the winter and spring is breeding season, they added a lot of nutrition, they prefer meat dishes; in the summer, their appetites will be changed, they will focus on a vegetarian diet. In autumn, they must reserve nutrition; for the winter, so they began to eat meat again. Anglers should at any time regardless of changes in the seasons, fishing opportunities will naturally increase.
3,bait will change with geography. China is a vast territory and abundant resources and vast country. South, North, East, nature climate environment in the Western region have very large differences, the different parts of the same species of fish for bait choices and eating habits are different, different strokes for different folks. In the North, and generally like to eat fish food crops such as corn, Gu Su, flavors include, they like to eat the thick red South fish love to feed crops such as rice, flour, the taste is light, like fragrance. Relative to geographical differences, as North-South, East-West one's eating habits are different, baits to use targeted, focused.