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Affect Species For Bait

First is long-term facilities used will affect the fish to the bait ... We often say that the fish-mouth, that fish has a fixed habit of feeding habits from an early age, they ate food from an early age have a special preference, and eating very at ease. This fish may be indifferent to our carefully prepared food. Another scenario is feeding in the form of the day after tomorrow. A pond is continuously injected a bait, longer can make the fish here are aware of this and like to eat the bait this bait. This is known as the adjustment pond. Fish growing short in the North, feeding mostly higher-cost animal pellets with high protein content; fish longer growing season in the South are mostly feed rapeseed feeding material. So we should consider this when making bait material added.
Second, the size of fish stocks has an impact on bait. Fish growth phase of different feeding habits also vary. Small fish like tangy bait, big fish like mild bait. Such as small fish like smell of bait, so catch it when considering the strong fishy fishy smell bait. Strong fishy fish relatively fast but poor fish effect. Lure fishing and bait to catch small fish of a fishy smell with good effect. Big carp like grain Fragrant incense or plant food, so this little taste of Luzhou bait or scent bait efficiency significantly. Little CARP to carp baits are very fond of, neither sweet nor the rank will be accept according to the order. Big carp bait of more deeply in love with the wine, so the weight and the black hole of time don't forget to add some songs to bait liquor or wine. Xiao Luo Fei appears to eat the bait it will Rob, largest Romanian non-like smell, when you catch a big non-Luo I like non-bait shrimp into the pure product, highlighting fresh flavor, the effect is very good. Fishing for carp to consider its herbivorous habits and, of course, don't forget the powerful lure of the bait.