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Technical requirements of the fishing box and main functions

Many things are so simple, there is a need to have a market. The late 80 's, hanging pendant fishing into the domestic fishing and catch on quickly, a lot of fishing supplies also began to market in China. Natural bait box was introduced into the country, but in many people's eyes, it is of no use at the moment of the object. Is saying, but we must not ignore the Chinese people are wise to the fact that Chinese fishermen is one of the more intelligent groups. According to the development of China's fishing, they finally find a new use for bait boxes. That is, since the bait so a square piece of open space above the box, why not treat your hips, sit directly on top, so don't save fish a chair this device yet? Well, this is much more convenient! But then again, no place to put aid to fishing! Oh, Yes, we can around the bait boxes with different accessories! What hand pole bracket, fish conservation stand, umbrella stand and Bowl, bait boxes are installed in four weeks! In this way, in a pond can be integrated using the bait boxes through gradual evolution, become highly favored by anglers "fishing box." With the development of sport fishing, the use of more and more anglers fishing box, fishing box demand is also rising. Fishing with a fishing box, mainly used to hold bait and fish need large capacity, light weight, strong cold fishing box. And sport fishing and fishing, fishing box is mainly used to sit, Rod racks, fish conservation, bait boxes arranged on a fishing box, so the location of your equipment reasonably arranged, more effective role in the performance of various types of equipment, the sport fishing has become easier.