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Match light fish bait and fishing guide

Light fish bait fishing is essential, mainly fine and out of the mouth, inhalation, less residue, love to eat not eat this selection on the right.
One is to use light weight, the proportion of small bait. Whatever the cause of fish light, heavy food is not in the select list. Because of the fish light, suction is weak, bait must be light, light material in the feed (snow, pollen) is greater than 70% the best, molded bait as far as possible not to put drawing powder, rubbing small bait, State circle, better atomization, generally with the rub. Drawing less powder than usual in the bait, bait out of State when small, round, and baited hook Groove as far as possible, not to bait on the hook, because light fish fish bait on the hook hook difficult entrance, empty Rod high, affect the mentality of the game.
Second, bait at least select fishy, fishy flavor, three relatively tasteless. Saying goes Xiang fishy fishing lure, generally should be smell fishy as a supplement. Late stage white bait back in grain, fish also eat, and bait mainly in the State. If it is caused by the low pressure light, and light to use bait.