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Fishing tackle hard rod on a fishing line to the buffer protection

Carbon fiber high strength glass fiber strength, very light weight, hand made rods with glass fiber reinforced plastic rods in the same strength, lighter weight, and so is popular with sports fishing enthusiasts of all ages. Fishing tackle hard rods, take advantage of medium elasticity generated by the drag force, plays a cushioning protective effect on a fishing line, and try to avoid the fishing excellent tear in cream sauce. Moderate tone and have a good handle, you can add many pleasures of walking fish for anglers. Tonality is really saying is that hand pole strength refers to a fully expanded hand pole, in the tail section to maintain the level of State, through the rod tip can lift a lot of weights, while pole bent of much of it. Larger smaller the bending Rod bearing, tone is hard. Mechanical bending arc of fishing rod its radian is the smooth transition of the uniformity of State; even the rod of its corners appear in the arc. Jointing section on the rod connection interfaces. Jack wall thickness is consistent, cross section of the socket is flat, is an important link to reflect the Insert Rod quality. Check the socket method is to slowly insert the following section in the previous section, this procedure cannot have suddenly song suddenly tight, are more and more tightly inserted. Tightly interface may not appear after shaking, shaking rods have a seamless feel, with no friction due to loose between produce noise.