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Fishing tackle fishing pole elastic index

Hard tail drift selection float is bottom cut mouth of key. usually fishing CARP with of 7 accounts soft tail float in fishing bottom cut mouth Shi on displayed out its itself of strengths, selection long hard tail date nuclear shaped drift body in fishing bottom cut mouth Shi has not instead of of advantage. because long tail float in into water Hou trip more long, conducive to in fish cut mouth Shi views drift, date nuclear shaped drift body Department more pointed fine, cut mouth Shi if is sent drift action more obviously. Fishermen see excitement, hurry to reach the pole fishing. But when fishing fish pick up the fishing tackle, only to find the pole plug is gone, no matter how many fish you catch, the mood is a little uncomfortable. Solution is to use red line tied explosive hook pole plug and connecting rod bag, so Rod plug removed from the trouble. Some anglers buy likes to come back in the new Rod rod tip red string to make a knot used to connect with the main line.