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Fishing hook-fishing tips

String hook hook is the biggest advantage of fishing gear after the bait into fishing spots, the lower layer has three beaches on the bait, and we can also catch fish of different layers. Although string hook these merits, but it's the same as with other fishing, vulnerable to temperature, bait, season, climate and other factors, make fish hooks slow or no bite, how to change this? I think in several ways from the start: first nest after fishing: hook with string hook fishing is not like bombs, fishing lure, even biting frequency difference, fish for fish bait and get more and more. Lure fish but hook effect, especially for those large fish in dilute Lakes, effects of fishing hooks, it is necessary to throw bait nest. If we are only relying on the bait on the hook and was unlikely to run together and keep fish in the fishing spots. Rod differentiated sooner or later: the habits of fish has been getting warm, sooner or later, like Habitat at the bottom of water bodies. If applied in the morning fishing hooks, and hook bait close to the bottom, higher chances of bite. No bite, anglers, you can according to the depth of fishing waters, to change the angle bracket and try to hook the bait close to fish swimming float by, so easily observed on fish and increase their chances bite. Marketable fish: hook both grain bait meat baits can also be used, select fish preferred bait, increase or enhance the concentration of fragrance, sweet, red bait, to stimulate the appetite of fish, their bite. String hook hang bait: string of hooks is a funny thing, but more troublesome is worn hanging bait.