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Fishing fishing tips

The line "slide" fish
Fishing in open places, anglers who bait complex, one of the fish love to eat and I do not really love to eat the bait. When they are used after some bait, bait is not interested in the other, and anglers have not yet deciphered the fish effect when the wrong bait, fish will not appreciate it. "Sliding", of course, does not rule out lesson after eating the bait to hook some fish, become more cautious and suspicious, not easily fooled. As long as there are fish in the water, in water temperatures and other conditions for when feeding of fishes, and then "slide" fish, the temptation to run out of food. To deal with this kind of fish, we recommend that you bring some bait, try to catch them one by one, using his skills to outsmart "sliding" fish.
Eclipse fish
Many farms have long fed a diet, make fish form the diet habit, refuse to eat the bait. Fish feed is not necessarily high things of the partial eclipse, just his taste. So no matter what pond fishing best bait is the pond to feed the fish with bait, which is more than what other senior baits are effective.
The fish in the low temperature
General freshwater fish, the most suitable temperature of 20--30 degrees. Genus cold-bloodedness animals at low temperature, slow, feeding the fish is not active, see food, just tired arch light bites. If using sea fishing rod, rod tip at all catching the fish bite the minor information. Such as hand pole with responsive long tail wind drift, can reflect the faint noise, but also on the floating tip is only a head and a half objective light. If bites floated tender and rods in a timely manner, you can still catch some fish. In short, early to a natural waters, in front of the master water regime, to take "a look, try, three clear at the end", ready for fishing.