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Fishing fish care precautions

Using fish nursing of note matters: fish nursing using Qian must to carefully check; fishing process in the must to timing check; best let fish nursing end of left underwater, crab climbed not up; died fish or injury more heavy of fish do don't into nursing, found died fish, must to immediately clear, or died fish most easy attract crab; usually using finished fish nursing Hou, must note maintenance, dry Hou in loaded package, do cannot sloppy, using years has aging phenomenon of strongly replaced. After all, fish conservation is the most important guarantee you harvest. Fishing spots to "deep", "far" transformation: as the temperature decreases, water cooled, most of the fish migration to the depths. But some fish, like Japanese flounder fish, Ribbon fish, cold-resistant, continue its activities remained in near-shore. Them as a refuge from the cold, is also looking for shore or offshore in deep water far from the trenches, pits, debris, and due to the water temperature is too low, the smaller the scope of their activities and slow.