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Fishing bait

Fishing lures, namely, fish food, are fishing lure bait fish food. Principle according to lure fish, bait can be divided into true bait and lure. So-called bait, bait fish can be eaten by animals and plants is known, caused mainly by the appetite of fish lure fish. Lure also known as analog baits or lures, is made of plastic, metal or other material of similar small fish, shrimp and worms, small devices. Fishing, by fishing operations, which mimic natural creatures in the water, lure a ferocious fish bait. According to the nature of the bait, lures, bait, animals can be divided into plants plants and animals mixed lures. Two kinds of bait, we used to call it fishy or meat bait the bait. Modern diets, is to use the modern lure fish technology, scientific formula and the industrial production of food. Traditional diets, refers to the previous food use and habits, their collection and processing of food. Worm, like earthworms, produce their own feed, from the principle of allurement to production methods are traditional patterns.