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Bait than you need saving tips

Different species of fish and waters, fishing bait required is different. So a lot of Anglers fish at a time, with lots of bait and, as the case may be deployed. In this way, opening bags of bait anglers were concerned about was how to save problem.
If merchandise bait, use plastic bottles to save and instructions posted on the bottle on the packaging and stickers available bait production and opened dates on the writing, while out fishing with a few bottles of bait available. Many bait degreasing technology of not too good, it is easy because of hot sun and wet damp weather, leading to cannot be used again, fishing box, fishing different vials can be placed within a fishing box, soon after put back fishing box, so you can reduce the effects of Sun and rain on the bait. Home and then use a damp cloth to wipe the vial and put it in the shade, which is conducive to quality and reduce pest damage.
If insects, save method would be different. Save live insects should be put in the bowl, changing the water every day 1, you can live 3-4 days. Pots in a cool backlighting and ventilating place, avoid direct sunlight. Summer high temperatures, intensive fish overcrowding, lack of oxygen, hunger, easy death, can make use of the refrigerator. Red worms, tubificidae, meat into small square plastic plate (available cake plastic little Panel), put a thin layer, after the freezer for frozen, concentrated in a sealed plastic bag, tightly enclosed pocket.